SB-GROUP is a Building-Investment Company set up in 2012 with the target of work coordination of the group of enterprises which are already functioning on the market of Ukraine, engagement of new investments into building and agriculture, and implementation of the world standards into development and management of real estate.

     At a quick rate SB-GROUP turns into a multifunctional building enterprise. The leading specialists and the workers of different areas, who perfectly perform their work and use the experience with the comparison of old and implementing of new technologies, are the pride of the company. It consists of such departments: design department; estimating department; electro-technical department; geodesy department; real estate sale department. Availability of the machines, devices, motor transport, specialized machinery and production resources allows the company to perform the full circle of constructing works without involving other organizations. Moreover, we perform reconstruction and modernization of the objects, dismantling of concrete, steel concrete and other types of structures and recycling of wastes. What concerns the building process, the company starts from the search of a land parcel to the completion and turn-key procedure. The area of the company’s activity is quite wide: a lot of complicated dismantling and ground works, construction of networks, improvement of the territory.

     The visiting card of the company is operative decision making, quality and speed of performing the tasks and targets set that creates the positive image and clear confirmation of stability and credibility.

Business profile

  • Turn-key construction of industrial and non-industrial buildings of various complexity profiles
  • Monitoring of construction and technical supervision
  • Dismantling of buildings
  • Facade works
  • Improvement works
  • Construction of roads
  • Sale of real estate
  • Creation of granite and sand quarries
  • Sale of new ballast stone as well as shattered from the concrete rubble (available - 100 000 tons of shattered concrete rubble of various fractions)
  • Operations are with the real estate

Material and technical resources

  • Means of transport and building machines
  • Reinforcement shop
  • Overhaul base
  • Warehouses

Our partners

Ltd “Magic”, Ltd “Ferosit”, Ltd “Betonics”, PE “ART-ENERGO”, PE “MAYOLA”, PE “Oliyar”, PE “Trans-service”, also banks PJSC “Kominvestbank” and PJSC “Kredobank”.

Finished projects / Building and construction works:

Housing development

Company’s own projects:

  1. Lviv, Vyhovskiy Street (5-storeyed building – 2 500 sq. m.);
  2. Lviv, Chuvas’ka Street (near Danylo Halytskiy National airport “Lviv”) – (5-storeyed building – 2 800 sq. m.);
  3. Lviv, Udarna Street (near Danylo Halytskiy national airport “Lviv”) – (5-storeyed building – 2 600 sq. m.);
  4. Lviv, Shyroka Street (cottage settlement - urban-type village Nowy Yariv);
  5. Lviv, cottages – urban-type village Rudno.
  6. Lviv, Horodotska, 245 (9-storeyed two-entrance building)
  7. Lviv, G. Washington Street

Projects (Low level contractor / General contractor):

  1. Lviv, Panch – Chornovil Street (9-storeyed building. Client – “Integral-Bud”, general contractor “Lvivmis’kbud”);
  2. Rivne (Client - “Integral-Bud”, general contractor – “Halytska Osnova”, complex excavation pit in the city center near S. Krushelnytska Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre – 20 000 cu. m.);
  3. Lviv, Myshuha Street, 5 (Nowy Lviv);
  4. Lviv, Kibalchich Street, 3 – mansion (turn-key, 600 sq. m.) (Nowy Lviv);
  5. Lviv, Kibalchich Street, 10 – mansion (turn-key, 400 sq. m.) (Nowy Lviv);
  6. Kyiv (Kharkiv highway – 22-storeyed building – 33 000 sq. m.);
  7. Lviv, Mykolaichuka Street, from Lviv Regional Children's Teaching Hospital (lying a pipe for 24-hour water supply).
  8. Lviv, Baltijska Street (one-entrance building)

Industrial and municipal facilities:

  1. Stadium “Arena Lviv” (all improvements of parking place + planting – 150 000 sq. m.);
  2. Stadium “SKIF” (all improvements of parking place + planting – 10 000 sq. m.);
  3. Ringway, Horodok (preparation for asphalt paving);
  4. Lviv (Road utv. Basivka – utv. Obroshuno – 8 000 sq. m., client – PE “Oliyar”);
  5. Exhibition-Shopping Centre “Three Elephants” (all improvements of parking place + planting – 17 000 sq. m., client – “Mebli Srvice”);
  6. Stry, “Epicentre” (all improvements of parking place 3 000 sq. m.);
  7. Lviv, Horodotska Street, 170 “Lviv pasta factory”  (total cycle);
  8. Lviv, Chemical Street (Business-center turnkey);
  9. Lviv (Reconstruction – turn-key market “Halytsky”);
  10. SOE Danylo Halytsky International airport “Lviv” (Improvements of Avan-apron, dismantlement of takeoff strip and their further purchase).

Company’s own projects / Current projects / Housing development



Operating general contracting




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